Monday, August 12, 2013

Babylon Interactive Grammar v3.0 (+ Essay Activator and Topic Activator)

A completely new glossary anthology of some of the best resources for those who have problems with grammar and writing. Be studied both separately and as a resource to help you take advantage of grammar and writing

(Require system):- 


Graphics card compatible for fluid interactive content

Adobe Flash Player for IE 

monitor at least 13 inches, and a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 The more the better 

 (Glossary include):- 

 Interactive characters and grammar charts and PowerPoint presentations on the following books.

Understanding and Using English Grammar Advanced. 
Fundamentals of English Grammar Intermediate .

Basic English Grammar .

by Betty Azar and Stacy Hagen All books by popular authors Longman Grammar .

 Advanced Learners' Grammar .

is General American English and British common words related to the topic of speech and expression, including for example, makes a distinction in
the. - writing activate the Essay Words and phrases associated with Kanktyv : Essay Activator Longman English sentences when you do not know how to connect the writing here will be a good help for you. - Symbol for the phonetic pronunciation - Longman academic vocabulary - 3,000 words Asked in English - 4 separate software includes interactive grammar exercises Inter Active Grammar Oxford Practice Grammar - all parts of the glossary searchable English grammar and writing words and Kanktyv glossary will be available in the defined range. For example, in Babylon verb type or any related entries in the range defined by the Glossry grammar

File size: 432 MB 
File type: babylon bgl format

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