Sunday, June 17, 2012

Way Ahead ( 1-6 levels )

Way Ahead ( 1-6 levels )
2004 | PDF, MP3 | 256Kbps | 1022 Pages | 1.3 GB

Imaginative and fun, Way Ahead has been updated to reflect the key features of the old edition that pupils and teachers know and love and to include a fresh design with more photographs, giving a more modern look to the course.
At the lower levels, the books introduce a cast of interesting characters who contextualise the language and make it fun. In the upper-levels, new language is presented through a series of motivating and informative topics, and the course develops the skills the children need to pursue their studies to a higher level.

* Scope and sequence pages at the beginning of each Pupil's Book
* Expanded Grammar Practice Books provide even more recycling and revision, plus a section on handwriting skills
* Comprehensive Teacher's Resource Books for levels 1-3 include photocopiable activities, crafts and finger puppets
* Enjoyable Story Audio Cassettes or CDs contain the entire cross-curricular Reading for Pleasure pages. Levels 1-3 also contain the material from the accompanying Way Ahead Readers
* All Pupil's Books also include Wordlists

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