Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kidnapped (Bookworms Stage 3)

'I ran to the side of the ship. "Help, help! Murder!" I screamed, and my uncle slowly turned to look at me. I did not see any more. Already strong hands were pulling me away. Then something hit my head; I saw a great flash of fire, and fell to the ground . . .'
And so begin David Balfour's adventures. He is kidnapped, taken to sea, and meets many dangers. He also meets a friend, Alan Breck. But Alan is in danger himself, on the run from the English army across the wild Highlands of Scotland . . .
There are two files. One is of the text without pictures in doc format A4.
The other is my own piece of work which I use to teach my students. I would like to have a feedback of any kind from those who will use it in class. The tasks are for Russian speakers but can easily be remade for any other language.

File size: 1.5 mb 
File type: doc


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