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Very Easy TOEIC 2nd Edition

The TOEIC Series is a range of test preparation books designed to develop and refine the skills necessary for achieving a high TOEIC score.
Very Easy TOEIC Second Edition is designed for beginning-level students of English as an introduction to the TOEIC.

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TOEIC Test Prep (Book + Audio) (2010)

The TOEIC exam, taken by more than 5 million people every year, tests your ability to understand English as used in international business and other professional situations. TOEIC Test Prep provides a streamlined approach to learning everything you need to succeed on this test.

Included are:
- Four full-length practice exams to help you gauge where your strengths are and where you may need additional practice
- A complete overview of the TOEIC exam and what you can expect on test day
- Targeted lessons covering listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills
- Word lists and chapter review exercises to help you build a strong vocabulary


CHAPTER 1: Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
CHAPTER 2: The LE Test Preparation System
CHAPTER 3: Diagnostic Exam
CHAPTER 4: Listening Comprehension Review
CHAPTER 5: Reading Comprehension Review
CHAPTER 6: Speaking Review
CHAPTER 7: Writing Review
CHAPTER 8: Practice Exam 1
CHAPTER 9: Practice Exam 2
CHAPTER 10: Practice Exam 3
APPENDIX: Audio File Transcripts

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The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle heads for the high seas in perhaps the most amazing adventure ever experienced by man or animal. Told by nine-and-a-half-year-old Tommy Stubbins, crewman and future naturalist, the voyages of Doctor Dolittle and his company lead them to Spidermonkey Island. Along with his faithful friends, Polynesia the parrot and Chee-Chee the monkey, Doctor Dolittle survives a perilous shipwreck and lands on the mysterious floating island. There he meets the wondrous Great Glass See Snail who holds the key to the greates mystery of all.


The Prisoner of Zenda - Stage 3 (Bookworms)

Genre : Thriller & Adventure
'We must leave for Zenda at once, to find the King!' cried Sapt. 'If we're caught, we'll all be killed!'
So Rudolf Rassendyll and Sapt gallop through the night to find the King of Ruritania. But the King is now a prisoner in the Castle of Zenda. Who will rescue him from his enemies, the dangerous Duke Michael and Rupert of Hentzau?
And who will win the heart of the beautiful Princess Flavia?


Oliver Twist - Stage 6 (Bookworms)

London in the 1830s was no place to be if you were a hungry ten-year-old boy, an orphan without friends or family, with no home to go to, and only a penny in your pocket to buy a piece of bread.
But Oliver Twist finds some friends - Fagin, the Artful Dodger, and Charley Bates. They give him food and shelter, and play games with him, but it is not until some days later that Oliver finds out what kind of friends they are and what kind of 'games' they play . . .


Under the Moon - Bookworms - Stage 1

It is the year 2522, and the planet Earth is dying. The Artificial Ozone Layer is only 300 years old, but it is breaking up fast. Now the sun is burning down on Earth. There is no water. Without water, nothing can live. Trees die, plants die, animals die, people die . . . In a colony under the moon, people wait for news - news from home, news from the planet Earth. And in a spaceship high above Earth, a young man watches numbers on a computer screen. The numbers tell a story, and the young man is afraid. The planet Earth is burning, burning, burning . .


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. The Golden Pince-Nez


The Portrait of Dorian Gray

A young man named Dorian Gray has a portrait painted of himself. The artist and another friend convince Dorian that the only important thing in life is beauty, which causes Dorian great distress as he realises that he must age and therefore lose his beauty. To prevent such a catastrophe he sells his soul in exchange for the ability to remain young and attractive forever. But something sinister is lurking in the portrait which he had painted of himself


Farewell My Lovely (Penguin Readers - Level 4)

In general, FAREWELL, MY LOVELY once more finds street-smart and super-savvy California P.I. Philip Marlowe sticking his nose where it has no business being--and when curiosity leads him to follow a massively built white man into a black nightclub he finds himself embroiled in a murder no one cares about solving... at least not until it begins to figure in what seems to be a completely different case with a high-society spin. And encounters with stolen jewels, a spiritualist racket, police corruption, and a gambling ship quickly follow.


Kidnapped (Bookworms Stage 3)

'I ran to the side of the ship. "Help, help! Murder!" I screamed, and my uncle slowly turned to look at me. I did not see any more. Already strong hands were pulling me away. Then something hit my head; I saw a great flash of fire, and fell to the ground . . .'
And so begin David Balfour's adventures. He is kidnapped, taken to sea, and meets many dangers. He also meets a friend, Alan Breck. But Alan is in danger himself, on the run from the English army across the wild Highlands of Scotland . . .
There are two files. One is of the text without pictures in doc format A4.
The other is my own piece of work which I use to teach my students. I would like to have a feedback of any kind from those who will use it in class. The tasks are for Russian speakers but can easily be remade for any other language.

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In everyday speech, we use thousands of common or garden phrases without which we would often find ourselves with very little left to say. Most of them do not say, in so many words, what they mean. People do not actually put their foot in it or take the bull by the horns or strike while the iron is hot, but we understand what is meant when someone uses such a phrase in conversation, and it is often hard to put it any other way without losing some shade of meaning.All of these turns of phrase started somewhere in particular, often in connection with work, but they have caught on (hence the term catch phrase) with other people who have found a use for them in different situations. Some of them are ’classics' and have lasted for hundreds of years, others come and go in a matter of months.The phrases included here form only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Most of them are presented as exercises arranged under rough topic headings. Some are singled out and their origin explained. Detailed answers are given in most cases. There is an index of all the phrases which appear in the book and a list of helpful reference books is included for readers who wish to find explanations for other phrases.
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English Dictionaries Books Collection

A Dictionary of Archaeology.pdf (8.3MB)
A Dictionary of Food.pdf (15.4MB)
A Dictionary of Science.pdf (10.0MB)
A to Zed, A to Zee – a guide to the differences between British and American English.pdf (7.4MB)
American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms.pdf (4.4MB)
An English Homophone Dictionary.pdf (194.2KB)
Barrons Publishing Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms 10th.pdf (8.9MB)
Barrons Publishing Dictionary of Mathematics Terms.pdf (1.6MB)
Bible Dictionary.pdf (4.2MB)
Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms.pdf (47.1MB)
Dalzell Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English.pdf (11.4MB)
Delahunty – The Oxford Dictionary of Allusions (2001).pdf (8.6MB)
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions.pdf (4.1MB)
Dictionary of Architecture & Construction.pdf (27.1MB)
Dictionary of Aviation – 2nd Edition.pdf (6.2MB)
Dictionary of Chemistry.pdf (2.9MB)
Dictionary of Civil Engineering.pdf (60.6MB)
Dictionary of Computing – 5th Edition.pdf (11.1MB)
Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, Third Edition; Tony Thorne (A & C Black, 2005).pdf (12.5MB)
Dictionary of Contemporary Slang.pdf (12.5MB)
Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology.pdf (2.4MB)
Dictionary of Energy.pdf (29.7MB)
Dictionary of Engineering, 2nd Edition.pdf (5.5MB)
Dictionary of Food Ingredients 4th Edition.pdf (10.0MB)
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, Third Edition.pdf (179.3MB)
Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysic, and Astronomy.pdf (5.4MB)
Dictionary of Landscape Architecture and Construction.pdf (6.1MB)
Dictionary of Literary Influences.pdf (2.9MB)
Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations 5th Edition.pdf (3.0MB)
Dictionary of Medical Terms 4th Ed..pdf (13.9MB)
Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology 3rd Ed.pdf (10.3MB)
Dictionary of Military Terms.pdf (7.1MB)
Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, & Related Terms.pdf (13.7MB)
Dictionary of Pure and Applied Physics.pdf (51.0MB)
Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms.chm (21.9MB)
Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue.pdf (1.2MB)
Elsevier’s Dictionary of Acronyms, Initialisms.pdf (4.3MB)
Elsevier’s Dictionary of Mammals.pdf (4.5MB)
Elsevier’s Dictionary of Reptiles.pdf (2.3MB)
Etymologicon_universale__or__Universal_e.pdf (31.3MB)
Glossary of EU.pdf (1.9MB)
Historical Dictionary of Architecture.pdf (2.3MB)
info.nfo (3.2KB)
MCGraw-Hill Osborne Essential Phrasal Verbs Dictionary.pdf (2.0MB)
MICROSOFT Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition.pdf (7.8MB)
Microsoft Internet & Networking Dictionary.pdf (1.6MB)
Network Dictionary.chm (2.1MB)
NTC’s Dictionary Of American Slang And Colloquial Expressions, Third Edition; Richard A. Spears McGraw-Hill, 2000).pdf (4.2MB)
Oddbins Dictionary Of Wine.pdf (2.8MB)
Official_Dictionary_of_Unofficial_English-Grant-Barrett-0071458042.pdf (2.7MB)
Origins – An Etymological Dictionary of Modern English.pdf (15.2MB)
Oxford Dictionary of Idioms 2e (2004).pdf (9.0MB)
Oxford_Thesaurus_-_An_A-Z_Dictionary_Of_Synonyms.pdf (3.6MB)
Richard A. Spears, American Idioms Dictionary.pdf (4.4MB)
Sex Slang.pdf (2.1MB)
Shorter Dictionary of Catch Phrases 0415100518.pdf (1.1MB)
The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary – 2004.pdf (3.6MB)
The Hutchinson Illustrated Encyclopedia of British History.pdf (15.1MB)
The New Hacker’s Dictionary.pdf (1.5MB)
The Oxford Dictionary of New Words.pdf (1.1MB)
The Oxford Thesaurus – An A-Z Dictionary Of Synonyms.pdf (3.7MB)
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary.pdf (158.3MB)
The Routledge Dictionary of Gods, Goddesses, Devils and Demons.pdf (5.4MB)
The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang and Unconventional English.pdf (22.2MB)
The.Cambridge.Encyclopedia.of.the.English.Language .pdf (38.8MB)
The_Oxford_Dictionary_of_Quotations.pdf (7.1MB)
US Army Dictionary of Military Terms.pdf (2.1MB)
What’s Up American Idioms .pdf (1.2MB)
Collin P.H. – Dictionary of Law.pdf (6.7MB)
Daniel Oran – Oran’s Dictionary of the Law.pdf (8.6MB)
Elizabeth A Martin – Oxford Dictionary of Law, 5th Ed. (2003).pdf (4.3MB)
Patrick O’Connor – A Plain English Guide to Legal Terms.pdf (1.2MB)
Susan Ellis Wild – Webster’s New World Law Dictionary.pdf (1.7MB)


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Reading Explorer 2 • Student's Book with Audio CD and Video (2009)

HEINLE | 2009 | English | PDF, MP3, AVI | 194 pages | 541 MB
Reading Explorer is a six-level content-based reading series featuring video from national Geographic Digital Media to help develop reading and vocabulary skills for all learners. Each unit of Reading Explorer contains two reading passages and an optional video activity. Reading passages cover a wide range of real-world topics related to culture, science, social studies, travel, and adventure.
• Stunning real-world content supported by stunning visuals develops learner's understanding of the wider world in which they live.
• Reading passages introduce a variety of text types, develop visual literacy, and incorporate graphic organizers, to help learners become better readers in English.
• Reading Comprehension activities include question types commonly found on high-stakes international exams.
• Vocabulary Practice activities build awareness of high-frequency vocabulary items and provide additional mini-passages for reading practice.
• Vocabulary Builder boxes highlight common collocations, affixes, and usage to develop learner independence.
• Video Activities include step-by-step activities for additional comprehension and vocabulary practice while motivating students to learn more about a topic.
• Review Units recycle vocabulary and reading skills through a vocabulary review and a magazine-like spotlight on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Way Ahead ( 1-6 levels )

Way Ahead ( 1-6 levels )
2004 | PDF, MP3 | 256Kbps | 1022 Pages | 1.3 GB

Imaginative and fun, Way Ahead has been updated to reflect the key features of the old edition that pupils and teachers know and love and to include a fresh design with more photographs, giving a more modern look to the course.
At the lower levels, the books introduce a cast of interesting characters who contextualise the language and make it fun. In the upper-levels, new language is presented through a series of motivating and informative topics, and the course develops the skills the children need to pursue their studies to a higher level.

* Scope and sequence pages at the beginning of each Pupil's Book
* Expanded Grammar Practice Books provide even more recycling and revision, plus a section on handwriting skills
* Comprehensive Teacher's Resource Books for levels 1-3 include photocopiable activities, crafts and finger puppets
* Enjoyable Story Audio Cassettes or CDs contain the entire cross-curricular Reading for Pleasure pages. Levels 1-3 also contain the material from the accompanying Way Ahead Readers
* All Pupil's Books also include Wordlists

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

Genre: Humour
Words: 1,300-1,700 Headwords
Adrian is 13 3/4 when he starts to keep his diary. He is spotty, insecure and frequently hilarious. Over the next year, he writes about the break-up of his parents’ marriage and their reconciliation, his first girlfriend, his experiences with the school bully and, of course, his spots

Little Women (Book+Audio+CD-Rom)

The story of the four March sisters and their loves, problems and adventures is sometimes sad, often funny but always charming. Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women in 1868. It is also a film starring Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon.
Level - beginner (300 words)

Schools : Read and Discover Level 1

These motivating non-fiction readers are rich in content and beautifully illustrated. Fascinating information in carefully graded language appeals to a broad range of students and supports English across the curriculum, making the series perfect for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).These motivating non-fiction readers are rich in content and beautifully illustrated. Fascinating information in carefully graded language appeals to a broad range of students and supports English across the curriculum, making the series perfect for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
Level 1 (300 Headwords)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

These motivating non-fiction readers are rich in content and beautifully illustrated. Fascinating information in carefully graded language appeals to a broad range of students and supports English across the curriculum, making the series perfect for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
Stunning colour photos, maps, diagrams and charts support understanding, while activities and projects develop language and critical thinking skills.300 headwords


The Time Machine - Penguin Readers - Level 4 (1700 words

The Time Machine - Penguin Readers - Level 4 (1700 words)
At a dinner party a brilliant inventor unveils his latest invention – a time machine. He travels into the future and comes across a world inhabited by two very different and degenerated races of human beings.
The teacher's factsheets and answers are added to the end of the file.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Penguin Readers - placement test
The Penguin Readers Teacher’s Guide: Placement Tests have been designed to provide teachers with a
quick and effective way of deciding whether students are ready to enjoy the next level of Penguin Readers.
There are six levels of test, corresponding to levels 1–6 of the Penguin Readers.There are two tests at each
level, the B Test providing a follow-up for re-testing in the event of the majority of the class not obtaining
the requisite score.
Each test is in multiple-choice format and so can be given and marked very quickly to aid a prompt

Phrasal Verbs in Context

A cartoon story which introduces a large number of useful phrasal verbs (get out, get in, get over, etc) The story is amusing and whimsical but the aim is serious. All students at the appropriate level, especially non-Germanic speakers. Provides practice in self-access or could be used for class teaching.

Newspaper Chase (Penguin Readers Level 0)

Harry Black is a thief. He takes a famous painting and puts it in an old newspaper. But then the recycling truck arrives—and where is Harry's newspaper?
Book & Audio

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A young boy, Jim Hawkins, lives quietly by the sea with his mother and father. One day, Billy Bones comes to live with them and from that day on everything is different. Jim meets Long John Silver and they travel the seas to find Treasure Island.
First published in 1883, this is one of the most famous adventure stories ever written in English. Recommended for younger learners.


Phantom of the Opera (Oxford Bookworms, Level 1)

We present you the next edition of the Oxford line of BOOKWORMS LIBRARY. At this time we will focus on the sensational stories about the ghost of the opera. As in all editions of this line, at the end of the book you will find exercises, questions and glossary of difficult words and expressions. The set also included audio.

The Monkey`s Paw (Book+Audio)

"The Monkey's Paw" is W.W. Jacobs' most famous story and is considered to be a classic of horror fiction. It first appeared in Harper's Monthly magazine in 1902, and was reprinted in his third collection of short stories, The Lady of the Barge, also published in 1902. The story has since been published in many anthologies, adapted for the stage, and made into films. "The Monkey's Paw" was well received when Jacobs first published it; the story garnered rave reviews from some of the most important critics writing at the turn of the century. The story was also very popular with readers.
Level-Beginner (300 words)
File size: 40 Mb 
File type: mp3 + jpeg