Saturday, May 5, 2012

ON MY WAY Practice Readers (Grade 1)

ON MY WAY Practice Readers: These little books are a collection of engaging, original stories and give young readers additional practice with phonics skills and high-frequency words.
For easy printing, the illustrations are mainly black and white.

- Cat
- Fan Cat Can Jump
- One Big Hit
- Five Big Boxes
- The Pet
- Where Is Tug Bug?
- Apple Picking
- Mack
- The Crab
- Best Friends
- Family Day
- The Bug Jug Band
- Stripe and the Nice Mice
- The Chip Chop Ship
- What Can You See at a Lake?
- Fox and Mule
- The Real Wolf
- What Animal Is It?
- Joan and Coach Snow
- Nell's First Day Kit
- What Can You Do?
- All About the Weather
- Hiking at Pound Beach
- How Raven Played a Trick
- Pen Pals
- Pet Shop
- The Ant and the Dove
- A Storm at the Farm
- Wind and Sun
- You Can Help, Too!



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