Saturday, May 19, 2012

The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition

The American Accent Guide, 2nd Edition, consists of a 237-page book accompanied by nearly 8 hours of audio. In this version the audio is on 1 CD in MP3 format. Reading the reviews for both versions is recommended. This internationally acclaimed accent reduction program is the most comprehensive of its kind, yet simple and concise due to its organization. It addresses the entire sound system of English speech, giving focus to all the elements of intonation, stress, rhythm and each of the individual speech sounds. Lessons build upon previous lessons, resulting in new skills building upon newly trained skills. In addition to more articulate speech, the learner attains better comprehension of the language as spoken and improved grammar skills. Through engaging interactive exercises, the learner gains a better understanding of the English sound system and a grasp of its underlying rules. Valuable new insights facilitate rapid progress and promote training across whole speech patterns. The exercises use everyday language of situations from casual/social to professional/business/technical and include many idiomatic expressions. 
2008 | 237 pages, 8 Audio CD | PDF,MP3 | 517 MB


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