Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Greek and Latin Roots: Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension (Grades 4-8)

his book helps students learn to break down the parts of words they don't know in order to figure them out instead of just skipping over them. The activities in this book incorporate all levels of literacy so that students will be able to transfer the vocabulary they learn to their speech, writing, and reading comprehension.
 More Greek and Latin Roots has 15 units. Each unit has two lessons, each of which takes a week. Each lesson has four activity pages for students: a take-home word list to study; a sets of hands-on vocabulary sort cards to match up for practice; a set of Read-Around-Review cards for small group review, and a brief quiz.  Every two weeks there is a Review Test. Students learn one new root every week and ten new words that contain that root. 
Answers for exercises and tests are provided.
File size: 5.17 MB (145 pages)
File type: rar/pdf

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