Sunday, February 12, 2012

American Accent Training: Grammar (eBook+Audio)

Title: American Accent Training: Grammar
Author(s): Ann Cook
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
ISBN-10: 0764196510
ISBN-13: 9780764196515
Date: 2009
Pages: 314
Size: 235 Mb
Format: PDF + MP3
Quality: High
Language: American English
This book and audio compact disc program instructs students of English as a second language in the elements of grammar, presenting a grammar review that emphasizes speech and correct pronunciation. The compact discs include spoken dictations for each of the book's ten chapters. Students start by writing out what they hear, and then comparing what they have written with the book's printed version. In the process, they begin learning the elements of grammar, staring with the simple present tense of the verb "to be" and progressing to all other tenses and parts of speech. Students gradually learn how to use English words and pronounce them properly in grammatically correct sentences.

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