Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vocabulary & Spelling, Level I

Exceeding the Standards: Vocabulary & Spelling, Level I
2009 | 95 pages | PDF | 1 MB

Vocabulary & Spelling presents thirty-two lessons that cover a broad range of topics from etymology to context clues to spelling patterns. It is essential that vocabularyinstructions include a variety of strategies to develop students' word-study skills.
Lessons in Vocabulary & Spelling provide many different ways of exploring and studying words, word parts, semantic families, and spelling patterns and rules. Activatingstudents' prior knowledge of words and of essential concepts related to words helps students make associations between new terms and words they already know.
The activities in Vocabulary & Spelling will help teachers to actively engage students in working with words. As their curiosity about word exploration grows, students will become increasingly confident in their ability to attack, learn, and experiment with new words.
Each lesson in Vocabulary & Spelling includes the following components:
- A Word of the Week highlights a word that students may find particularly meaningful or interesting.
- Just For Fun activities encourage students to play with words, reminding them that language can be fun and interesting.
- Tip boxes in the margin throughout the lesson clarify definitions, offer additional information, and give helpful suggestions.
- A Time Out for Test Practice at the end of each unit provides students with the opportunity to assess what they have learned and to practice test-taking skills byanswering sample standardized test questions in a multiple-choice format.
An answer keys are included.

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