Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tapestry – Reading eBooks, Listening & Speaking eBooks and Audio CDs

Tapestry – Reading eBooks, Listening & Speaking eBooks and Audio CDs
English | 2011 | PDF + MP3 | 400MB
Tapestry is the first multi-skills English Language Teaching series. Tapestry Listening & Speaking prepares students to become successful, independent learnersthrough: engaging communicative work, motivating activities, Language Learning Strategies, Academic Power Strategies, and interactive web site.
* Setting Goals focuses students attention on the learning they will do each chapter.
* The topic-related Culture Notes increase students? understanding of the finer points of the language and culture, and help learners acclimate to life in an English-speaking country.
* A variety of speaking activities, such as role plays, skits, debates, and presentations, provide opportunities for students to use vocabulary, language functions, and knowledge of content area.
* Reading and writing are integrated through a variety of on-topic activities, increasing students? overall fluency.
* Academic Power Strategies give students the knowledge and skills to become successful, independent learners.
* For a well-integrated curriculum, try the Tapestry, Middle East Edition, Reading series and the Tapestry, Middle East Edition, Writing series, also from ThomsonHeinle.
* Language Learning Strategies help students maximize their learning and become proficient in English.
* Tapestry Threads provide students with interesting facts and quotes that jumpstart classroom discussions.
* Engaging listening sections provide authentic news broadcasts, interviews, conversations, debates, and stories.
* The Sound of It refines listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills, and helps students gain confidence communicating in English.
* Apply the Strategy activities encourage students to take charge of their learning and use their new skills and strategies.
* Test-Taking Tips offer students practical steps for improving their test results. Check Your Progress helps students monitor their own progress.


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