Thursday, December 8, 2011

Reading Zone, Grades 5-7

Edward Connor, "Reading Zone, Grades 5-7"
2004 | 64 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Reading Zone is a set of fifty reading and comprehension sheets. They have been created to suit the teaching needs of upper primary school and lower secondary schoolstudents. The sheets have been composed in ten thematic groups to establish a sense of continuity and to add more interest. The themes are: Champions, Children, Fairy tales, Nursery Rhymes, Magic, Mythology, Fishing, Space, Nations and Rodents. Each theme is identified by an icon at the top left of each page.
This set of educational materials may be used in a number of ways:
1. As the base for a term's reading experience: The students could be placed in four or five activity groups and each day groups are given different sheets within the same thematic grouping. In this way the last day of a five-day sequence may be used for a general correction and discussion period ending with the "Spot the Difference" activity sheet being done by all. It is recommended that before the students are placed in groups and set to work on the exercises, that one of the sets is worked through as a whole class activity and discussed to ensure that students know exactly what is required.
2. Teachers may choose to work on just one activity type with the whole class and progress through all the sheets in the selected type before selecting a different type. This offers the benefit of being able to concentrate more intensely on the various language developmental aspects that the sheets focus towards.
3. As individual activities: These sheets may be spread throughout the year and used as a supplement to an established reading program, as homework sheets, or simply as stand-alone activity worksheets whenever there is a need.

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