Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Dictionary Workbook: Low Beginning

Jane Spigarelli, "Picture Dictionary Workbook: Low Beginning"
309 pages, Audio CD | PDF, Mp3 | 25 + 150 MB
Exercises correspond precisely to pages in the Dictionary, making this exceptionally easy to use alongside the main book
Like the Dictionary, it's highly visual and content is never intimidating There's plenty of variety to keep students interested, with the emphasis on making practice fun through puzzle-like activities such as
word searches and 'complete the picture' Now includes Challenge activities, level-appropriate critical thinking exercises, for the first time at this level. These are standard at the two higher levels
Contextualized exercises such as labelling, true or false, matching and sequencing provide more of a challenge
The CDs focus on short conversations and dictations in natural, real-life contexts and can be used in conjunction with the listening activities at the back of the book



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