Sunday, November 6, 2011

BBC English Plus Interactive (30 CDs)

Publisher: DMP | File size: 1.7 GB | File type: ISO
BBC ENGLISH PLUS INTERACTIVE is the new updated version of Follow Me!. 
It is divided in two language levels (Beginners and Intermediate), and the complete course comprises a total of 30 didactical units, contained in 30 CDs and 6 books (or 30 partworks). 

Each DVD is divided in three sections: 
Presentation: Entertaining everyday situations played by English actors using progressive language based on the specifications of the Council of Europes experts. The students may choose between watching them without subtitles or with subtitles in English or in their native language. 
Explanation: A tutor in the learners language explains the grammar and vocabulary used in the Presentation
Practice: The tutor proposes different exercises and drills for the students to practice what they have learnt in the previous sections.


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