Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introduction to Animal Anatomy (2010 Marshall Vandruff) GW [Video]

English | 825.89 MB | 82 mins | Full Screen, NTSC VP6F 1024x768 | Mp3, 48 Kbps 

This comprehensive introduction to the anatomy of animals is for artists who want to draw authentic-looking animals of their imagination. Marshall shows that the core of this competency is whether animal bones and muscles, build them as shapes in three dimensions, and practice these disciplines until they become quite easy to let your instincts take relay. It uses hundreds of drawings to illustrate the major components of various animals, the operation of their anatomy and how to draw them so that they appear anatomically authentic, strong and alive. 3D artists looking to improve their understanding of basic animal shape and movement will also benefit from the presentation of Marshall. 

Topics include: 
- The approach to sound design 
- Bones, Muscles, forms and processes 
- Anatomy of torso, hind legs, forelegs, neck and head structure 
- Faces, Features, and the secret of the comparison. 
- Resources 

1. Introduction to Animal Anatomy 
2. Muscles 
3. Foreshortening 
4. The Torso 
5. Hindlegs 
6. Forelegs 
7. Necks and Heads 
8. Anatomy of the Skull 
9. Animal Faces 
10. Animals as People 
11. Additional Resources

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