Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Improve your word power with 1000 vocabulary (CDROM)

Improve your word power with 1000 vocabulary (CDROM)
EXE | 158 MB

His program mainly contains three parts: Learning, Practising Exercises and a concrete Revision Test.
In each chapter, you can learn five new vocabularies (click them for pronunciation) and one useful idiom which illustrated by a piece of interesting text. You can further pratictise them on the "choosing" and "matching" exercises afterwards A short test is specially prepared for your quick review after every four chapters.

Finally, you will finish the program with the most exciting part - a Final Revision Test for you to demostrate you word power!

You can easily control your tour using icons, please click them for help.

Let's get tour to improve your WORDPOWER !!!
How to start:
- Extract from winrar
- click " MAIN"


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