Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage

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This student-friendly grammar guide helps students recognize, correct, and avoid the most common and serious grammar and usage errors. The text breaks complex concepts down into simple lessons, each focusing on a single essential skill. Everyday language and easy-to-remember tips make grammar easy to understand, and clear examples and diagrams show, rather than just tell, how to identify and correct problems. Hundreds of exercises in the book and thousands more at Exercise Central provide students with plentiful practice.

A Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage, 5th Edition, helps students to write clear, error-free sentences by combining the easy access of a reference handbook with the practicality of a skills workbook. This book is intended for a range of students who need a firmer foundation in the grammar and usage of formal writing. These students might be enrolled in a beginning writing course, an ESL course, a first-year composition course, or a course in a field such as business, history, or science.

At the core of our approach is the firm belief that errors can be signs of risk taking, experimentation, and growth. Once students understand that errors are part of the learning process and do not necessarily reflect a lack of effort or ability, they can develop the confidence they need to recognize and correct sentence-level problems in their own writing - something they can do without an overwhelming amount of grammar terminology.


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